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Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons in Cyprus may face legal challenges not experienced by non-LGBT residents. Both male and female same-sex sexual

Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, KS. God hates fags and all proud sinners (Psalm 5:5). Repent or perish (Luke 13:3). Believe on the Lord Jesus for remission of sins

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History, leadership, and pastor’s blog. Location, contact and service information.

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The Universal Life Church Ministries is a non-denominational church that offers free online ordinations that only take minutes to complete.

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An offshoot of the Church of Satan created by Karla LaVey, Anton Lavey’s teen.

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Welcome to Gesu Church Gesù is the oldest Catholic Church in all of South Florida, founded in April of 1896, before the City of Miami was incorporated.

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Community of gay-positive people committed to being an inclusive Church. Lists concerts events in addition to service times, and provides information about same-sex

In 1994, recognizing the painful divide between members of the LGBT community and the Catholic Church, Cabrini adopted this statement of reconciliation.

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Iglesia en línea Bienvenido a nuestra iglesia en línea. Un lugar para aprender, crecer y ser discipulado. Participa con nosotros y sé parte del cuerpo de Cristo.

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VIRAL: La vermanera historia del perro que iba a Misa conmueve a miles

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